About Us
The London Gender Clinic provides help in the form of diagnosing gender dysphoria, providing hormonal prescriptions and referrals for transsexual surgery, gender counselling and hair removal treatment

The clinic provides care to gender dysphoric, gender variant, transgendered and transsexual people.

Service Overview:
  • Facilitation of Social / physical gender transition
  • Provision of Hormone therapy
  • Referrals for all types of Gender Reassignment Surgery
  • Reports for Gender Recognition Certificates

Gender Dysphoria

Please make an appointment to see Dr Curtis if:
  • You are not sure where you fit on the spectrum
  • You wish to discuss gender expression
  • For facilitation of physical change
  • 16yrs and upwards

Initial Consultation

You will be asked for a detailed account of your life to date, including family, upbringing, school, work and relationships as well as a discussion regarding your gender history. Assessment, diagnosis and initial discussion will take place with initial recommendations.

What should I bring to my initial appointment?

Any relevant documents regarding previous treatment in the form of letters form clinicians, statutory declarations/deed poll documents and if you wish a biography of your gender history.

Follow Up

Follow up consultations involve further discussion of hormonal intervention, referrals for surgery and discussion of other issues across the full spectrum of patient activity. Facilitation of gendered living with documentation to support diagnoses are also available. Dr. Curtis provides reports for the purposes of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate. 
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Schedule of Fees
New Patient Consultation
1 Hour - £260

Follow up Consultation
1/2 Hour - £140
A deposit of £120 for the initial consultation is payable before an appointment can be confirmed. This deposit is non refundable if you cancel the appointment. You may move the appointment to a different date, if a minimum of a weeks notice is given, without losing your deposit. Deposit can be taken by credit card over the phone or by sending a cheque by post.

(This is due to the large number of clients who have failed to attend their booked appointment but do not inform the clinic.)

The full consultation fee will be charged for any appointment if less than 2 working days notice is given.

(Payment must be made at the time of the consultation by cash, cheque or card.)