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About Dr. Curtis

With knowledge of the options for surgery, as well as in-depth experience of hormonal prescribing and monitoring, Dr Curtis is able to provide a ‘one stop’ service. His approach at the clinic receives an extremely high satisfaction rating from patients.

With a personable, relaxed, non judgemental approach he discusses treatment options and patient agendas in a frank manner. He provides a sensitive, patient centred transgender healthcare service which offers comprehensive help along with his colleagues, who undertake gender counselling and hair removal to facilitate gender reassignment.

“Dr Curtis treats me as a person with the utmost respect and empathy and is able to give comprehensive, objective information and advice. His service is first class and works in perfect partnership with other┬áprivate agents and the NHS”

Patient Testimonial

“I love seeing Dr Curtis as its like chatting with a good friend but one that can actually help you, guide you and make you feel important and valued. He has a friendly manner to help you through some pretty difficult times”

Patient Testimonial